Washington State Coaches Association

General Registration Information

This area is designed to provide general information about registering for WSCA Membership.

Membership Type 1 - Self Pay

If you are a coach that pays for your own membership Click Here.

Membership Type 2 - Group Accounts

For Group Administrators

If you are a Group Administrator and will be paying for your coaches you'll need to create an account Click Here.

We will review the application and get back to you within 24-48 hours with next step instructions.

For Coaches that are part of a Group

If you are a coach that gets membership paid by a district but are not the administrator Click Here.

Note - If you register at your groups registration page and our system tells you that your email is already in use, please check with your Group Administrator because more than likely they used our Roster Mass Upload feature and you are already registered.

You will not receive your card until your group administrator creates an invoice.

If your school is not listed contact your Group Administrator for more information.

Digital Membership Cards

Whether you register as an Individual Member or as a Group Member, your membership card will be delivered via email once your membership is paid in full. In addition to the membership card in PDF format, you'll also receive a link that can be used to view your card on any mobile device. If you have trouble receiving our email containing your membership card, try checking your email's SPAM folder.

To retrieve your card 24/7/365, use our Digital Membership Card Retrieval System.

How To Guides

Group Roster Upload - Click Here
This guide is a zip file that contains instructions and a sample spreadsheet. Just insert your data and it's ready for upload.

Group Payment - Click Here
This guide provides step by step instructions for how to pay for your group. WSCA accepts credit card and check payments.

Still Need Help?

If you have followed the instructions from above but still need help just send us an email and we'll be there to help.

Technical Support - wsca.communications@washcoach.net

Membership Cards - contact.wsca@washcoach.net