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WSCA Benefits for Registered Coaches

If you haven't already, now is a good time to make sure you are a registered member of the Washington State Coaches Association.

What are the benefits of becoming a WSCA member?

  • This $50 question is asked by many high school coaches in our state.
  • The first answer is that the WSCA is a professional organization for Washington State high school & middle level school coaches. It exists to support your efforts as a coach.


  • To offer top quality, affordable places to member coaches in the area’s of professional education and training, to earn clock hours and coaching education hours.
  • To offer a pass, using your membership card, for entry into ALL WIAA state tournaments, ALL regional tournaments, and ALL district tournament games, state wide!
  • To offer Liability Insurance coverage of $3.5 million for our membership while working a scheduled, sanctioned and supervised WIAA sport or event and or in the classroom.
  • To offer your son or daughter, who are eligible, an opportunity to apply for WSCA scholarships. (i.e. Burnett-Ennis, Student Teacher, Terry Ennis-Varsity Gold)
  • To be eligible for WSCA Hall of Fame recognition
  • To be eligible for WSCA Coach of the Year recognition
  • To be eligible to coach in sanctioned WSCA all star games. WIAA will only authorize WSCA sanctioned All-Star events.
  • To receive reduced fee’s at WSCA sponsored coaches’ clinics and WIAA clock hours toward coaches education certification and/or salary placement.
  • To honor member coaches for their coaching achievements through our Career Award and Life Time Achievement Award programs
  • To receive quarterly issues of The Washington Coach magazine. Magazine is now online at www.washcoach.net or, upon request, coach can receive a hard copy of the magazine mailed to them.
  • To provide reimbursement to each sport group for enrollment in WSCA.


  • Coordination with the state governing association (WIAA)
  • Input through the Individual Sport Association Reps into the WSCA by becoming a member of the WSCA you are taking a proactive approach to avoid problems in the future



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